Here is How to Discover 5 Common Tree Health Problems

Here is How to Discover 5 Common Tree Health Problems

Unhealthy trees have brown leaves. And they don’t seem to grow. There are several common tree health problems. These problems can plague your trees. Therefore it is important to learn how to identify the common tree problems. And learn how to fix them. In fact, there are several solutions for each tree health problem.

If you are not good at identifying these problems, hire a certified arborist. The arborists have been doing this job for several years so they can easily identify the common tree problems. They know the best solutions for each tree problem.

1. Lack of Nutrients

Trees in a landscape can suffer from lack of nutrients. However, trees in the forest do not suffer from this problem. Why? Forest trees enjoy nutrient-rich soil. Decomposing leaves provide the nutrient.

People remove leaves, bark, and twigs in their yard. They do this when cleaning their yards. However, this prevents the nutrients from being recycled in the soil. And the trees are usually surrounded by grass. So the grass competes with the trees for the available water and nutrients.

How can you avoid this? Add nutrients to the soil. Fertilize your trees. And mulch your trees properly.

2. Compacted Soils

The trees in the yard usually grow in compacted soil. What makes the soil compacted? Because people run, walk, and play in the yard. Foot traffic, lawn mowers, and construction projects create soil compaction.

Soil compaction occurs when the house is built. Compacted soil crushes the roots and it restricts the growth of a tree.

You can avoid this by reducing soil compaction and reducing the stress on your trees. You can find a great company here at You can mix organic matter because it helps to amend the compacted soil.

3. Opportunistic Pests

Opportunistic pests usually target stressed trees. What causes tree stress? It is caused by poor environment and planting the trees in a wrong location. Lack of nutrients and enough resources cause tree stress.

How can you avoid this tree problem? Check for tree pests and diseases. And treat them quickly. Secondly, relieve tree stress. If you don’t know how to treat your trees, contact a local arborist.

4. Mechanical and Natural Damage

Animals and lawn equipment can damage your trees. For example, rabbits can eat your young trees. And lawn equipment can wound your trees. The wounds interrupt the spread of nutrients and water.

Use lawn equipment properly. Inspect your trees after using lawn equipment. If there are serious damages, fix the problem earlier.

5. Restricted Root Space

The roots of a tree grow when the tree is growing. However, the roots can run into obstacles such as sidewalks, roads, and buildings. These obstacles limit the growth of the roots.

To solve this, remedy the soil in your backyard. Give your trees the essentials. Check for problem roots. And improve the health of the soil.

You now know the most common tree health problems. Solve these problems quickly when you see them because they can affect the growth of your trees. And they can even kill your trees.